This is a 4 HOUR CRASH COURSE that takes you step-by-step through the process of launching your own wedding planning business. In this program, I will show you exactly how to start your business. This program is perfect for anyone who wants to start a business, or for a new business that wants to make sure they are set up absolutely perfectly!

Be your own boss and never worry about being laid off again.

The best defense against a down economy is sometimes to take the biggest risk and start your own business.  It isn't for everyone, but the rewards and the life that you can create make it worthwhile.  This course helps you take the right steps to starting your business today.


Ten years ago when I started my business - I was petrified.  Even though I had an incredibly successful career in Weddings and Event Sales, making well into the six-figures annually and able to work from home half the week.  I had never owned my own business and didn't know where to even begin.  

Yet starting my business became a daunting task because I didn't have all the answers and didn't know what EXACTLY I had to do.  But, as you eventually learn as a Small Business Owner - YOU FIGURE IT OUT.  And I did.  And I always promised myself that if I could help others one day, I would.  

That is how the Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners came to fruition.  My courses are designed to help impact others either starting their own business, or are in business already but want to grow and transform.  These courses are for YOU.  


This course can help you create the life you WANT by helping you start YOUR business today.

Students & Recent Graduates
Just starting your career?  Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit or family?  Then owning your own business might be the career path for you!  
Think You Might Be Laid Off?  
Layoffs, job cuts, bonus reductions, staffing reductions seem to be the norm in today's economy.  The only way that you can guarantee that YOU control your career may be by starting your own business.  
Catering and Sales Managers
Are you a Catering or Sales professional already?   This course is a perfect complement to your skillset since it focuses on showing you how to go into business for yourself, and to shorten the amount of time it takes to accomplish that goal.  
Wedding Industry Employees
Do you already work in the Wedding Industry?  Whether it is in a Wedding Chapel, for a photographer, or a florist - you already have a great understanding of the Wedding business - this course can help you go into business for yourself!  
Someone who wants to create and own their lifestyle
Have you missed family events "because you had to work?".  Do you worry if you have enough PTO or vacation time to take a trip?  As a Small Business Owner - you are the boss.  You decide when you work and when you don't.  
Someone who wants to wants to own their own business - but isn't sure where to start
Starting a business can be a daunting task.  When I started my business - I was petrified and didn't know where to turn.  I remember exactly how I felt - scared, and frankly a bit overwhelmed and lost.  It took me months to figure out how to get started.  This course can shorten that period into DAYS.  How long exactly is up to you.  

What exactly is included in the Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners?  

This course consists of ten lesson modules and two bonus modules with approximately 30 welcome, introduction, and tutorial videos, 15 download files, as well as access to a private Facebook Group.  Almost FOUR HOURS of video content to help you either review your existing business or get your new business started on the right foot.  
Course Welcome & Survey
Learn how to get the most out of this course, and most importantly think about the goals you are striving to achieve through this course.
Self Assessment
A Self Assessment is different that a survey.  This is focused on where you are at, and most importantly - your strengths and weaknesses.  We all have them - and we can all adapt and evolve.  
Types of Wedding Planners
What type of services would you like to offer to your clients?  There are different types of services and pros and cons for each one.  This is the one of the cornerstones of your business.
Taking Care of Business
This module helps you work through 
Building Your Tools
This module is about the "How" of your business.  You need tools to run your business and work with your clients.  This module helps you create the tools you need to get your business up and running quickly!
Let's Get Social
To be clear, this is not a social media course.  But to be successful in today's business environment you must be able to execute an effective social media strategy.  This module helps you build the foundation of that strategy.
Getting Your Name Out There
In spite of all the focus on social media in today's world, ultimately personal relationships still matter.  YOU MUST BUILD YOUR PROFESSIONAL NETWORK!
Pricing Strategies
In addition to what services you are going to offer is the question of what are you going to charge for your services.  We talk about that here.  
Always Be Closing
"Coffee is for Closers".  One of the best movie quotes ever, and one of the most accurate.  You must always be looking for the sale - here are some tips on how.
Do Your Job
Now the work begins - the fun part and the hard part.  Being a Small Business Owner means that it all starts and stops with you.  
A Fond Farewell
Once the Wedding is over, you still aren't quite done.  There are still a few things that you need to do in order to properly close up your client's file.  We talk about that here.
Taking Care of Business, Part II
Part I discussed some of the basics of owning your own business.  Part II expands on that even further to help prepare you to become a Small Business Owner.  
Bonus Resources
A final gift in completing this course.  A great reading list for you, ten essential apps to running your business, and finally a special discount code for 35% off The Wedding Planner Masterclass.


Ready to elevate your wedding planning business?  

In The Wedding Planner Masterclass I will teach you EXACTLY what I did to grow my business from a small, locally company to an internationally recognised brand that consistently attracts the right clients, allowing me to do work that I am PASSIONATE about, that I can be PROUD OF, and that is PROFITABLE beyond my wildest dreams.


Andrea's ideas and suggestions IMPACT your business.  See what others have to say below.

Courtney Leeder, Courtney Elizabeth Events

Courtney was the first person who purchased BOTH The Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners and it's advanced companion course, The Wedding Planner Masterclass.  You can watch this 40 minute video where we discuss her experience with the courses.  

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Jenna Jones, CEO
Becca Buck, Events With Becca
"I was able to increase my pricing AND double my revenues thanks to Andrea. ALL WHILE BOOKING FEWER CLIENTS!  I am now working with more couples that I WANT to work with."  
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Willie Walters, CPO
Amy Serridge, WoodsEdge Farm

Andrea helped me overhaul my practices and in the process, uncovered a clear idea on how I wanted my venue to be seen and what I needed to do to make it happen. Her advice on developing creative partnerships and expectations on working together with vendors was a breath of fresh air. I was enlightened by her teachings on understanding luxury clients and how to attract them. She also taught me about work/life balance and that while being self-employed is a wonderful thing, it's important to make time for yourself and family. 

(Then)I was ready to launch my new pricing structure.  I was nervous to hit the publish button and for a few weeks the inquiries were turned off by our new increased price. I was terrified and self doubt started to creep in, but I kept thinking about what Andrea had said, why I had gone through this process and that I was worth it - that the experience a client would receive at my venue was worth every penny and more. There were a few times I wanted to cave, but I held my position and then it happened....I booked my first wedding at our new price and now I'm almost full for next season. 

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When is the course content available once I purchase?
All course content is available upon purchase.  Once your purchase is complete and confirmed, you will receive an email with logon information.

What are the minimum requirements for the course?

There are no requirements for any courses.  (Other than PASSION, of course!)  That being said, the Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners was created for beginners who are truly ready to start their own wedding planning business.  It's also a great resource for recent start ups (businesses that are less than 2 years old) that want to ensure that they are absolutely set up for continued success.

Is the Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners required before I can purchase the Wedding Planner Masterclass?  
No!  But The Wedding Planner Masterclass is intended for the established wedding planner who has done a great job on their own so far, but who is truly ready to take the next steps. The Masterclass is about reigniting your PASSION, attracting ideal clients you will be PROUD of, and - of course - increasing your PROFIT!  This is a high level development program geared towards helping your grow and transform your business!

What is the refund policy?
Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final.  No refunds or credits for any purchases.


Here are some downloads that are available for purchase to help jumpstart your business


My podcast has been one of my most effective content pillars.  The people that listen to my podcast are THE PEOPLE THAT BUY MY SERVICES AND PRODUCTS.  It has led me to be a guest on other podcasts, booking speaking engagements, and generated consulting clients as well.   

Starting a Podcast is easy - I show you how with this helpful guide.  

365 DAY
There used to be days that I struggled with what to post on social media.  If you are just starting out and building your brand, it is imperative that you post voraciously multiple times a day across your channels.  This Content Calendar provides you with topics for EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year!  Find what resonates with your audience with the help of this guide.  
Once you have content scheduled and you are posting on a daily basis, then it is time to take the next step. The Content Distribution Flowchart shows you how to take your content and effectively cross utilize it across multiple platforms for maximum effectiveness.

The Content Distribution Calendar is best used in conjunction with the 365 Day Content Calendar.  

Get started now with some of my insights, tips, and strategies that can impact you today!


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